Victoria Munroe Gallery

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"My mom just got a Guggenheim" - Mary, Jacob / Victoria Munroe Gallery

Mary, Ken, Nene and Ellen / Victoria Munroe Gallery


Ann Albritton said...

I spent the month of June 2005 teaching with Mary in Pont Aven, France and have never forgotten her generous spirit, her funny sense of humor, her warmth, and her huge talent. She will be surely missed.

Anonymous said...

In the spring of 1990 I visited Mary Hambleton’s studio. There was a painting, Misericordia, that I truly fell in love with. Misericordia was destined for a show at Knoedler Gallery in London, where it ended up being the announcement piece. When I received the announcement for the show, I decided that I really had to own the painting. So I called Pamela Auchincloss who helped me to buy it from Knoedler.

Bob Gilson

Miseracordia lives in our bedroom and I look at it carefully almost daily. After nearly 20 years I am still in love with this painting. While Misericordia is “abstract”, it clearly references Renaissance alter pieces, and while the references are by no means literal, what I see and feel is the miracle of the Creation made palpable.

Misericordia could only have been made by a deeply spiritual person. For me it has the same kind of resonance as a Madonna and Child by Duccio or Piero della Francesca. I remember sharing this with Mary at an opening one evening. Mary came close, cupped her hand next to my ear and with a wry grin and a wink whispered: “Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone.”

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